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Made in Italy

Made in Italy

The Made in Italy doesn’t have a easy definition attributable to a unique concept. Concept, in fact, extremely articulate, complex and vast that has different connotations and perceptions.

In general the meaning refer to a group of products Made only in Italy with high quality and also for export goals.

Reflecting on this general definition concerning the production process of a determinate product made in Italy place. This definition is not sufficient for give the meaning and the concept of the Made in Italy.

In fact, this meaning is limeted only a determinated place or Country.

The idea of this definition that  is note to everybody is related to a “Country effect” theory.

This theory is related to a perception of “Made in”. Perception of product image made in a particular country.

The Made in Italy is in particular also an affermate style. A perceptive image of “Italian lifestyle” becomes a status symbol in fashion field.

The Italian trendy  became famous in a short time internationally for  brand awareness and appreciation.

So first of all the definition is a mix of Country effect in particular of the identity importance that is link at brand identity of Made in.

In order to theory of Italian lifestyle value of brand awareness is link to brand identity and the internationally perception of fashion and style associated also to quality and elegance.

The Italian products is to able evoke the  originality and creativity.

The developed of fashion and trendy field was to able alimentate a perception of the importance of Made in Italy.

Illogicostyle and the Made in Italy

The essence of Illogicostyle products is based on the concept of Made in Italy. Illogico knows dynamics, analyzes processes and evolutions and increases its importance. The brand bases its identity on this well-known concept by making its value- proposition.

Intrinsic values ​​of Illogico are characterized by a careful, detailed analytical study of their target and market / industry. The Illogico brand is therefore consistent with Made in Italy’s excellence standards in the fashion industry.

Illogico’s mission is therefore to respond better to the needs of his target, exalting the brand. Illogico tries to innovate the bow-tie for not only as a fashion accessory for certain ceremonies but for every occasion. The values ​​of elegance and class or youthful and rebellious style, carefully studied, and handmade in Italy, in line with the excellence of fashion, makes that the target can best express the personality in every context. Illogico with its double-face innovation feature of the bow-tie, makes it all very unique, differentiating from the simple bow-ties. We can conclude by saying that illogico is a versatile brand of infinite facets that seeks to shape, designate and express the personality of everybody in every context. The refinement on fashion dynamics, the attentive study of Made in Italy processes already make this brand an exceptional excellence, plus the value of versatility.